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Our company was established during the year 2016 and has been in operation for a little more than 3 years. The company is 100% black owned. Our services are rendered at the highest level utilising the latest technology and attorney billing software. Our company is managed by our Mr. Benny Mashola who is an admitted attorney with right of appearance in all courts of South Africa. Our company is based in Polokwane and renders legal costs consulting services throughout the Limpopo Province, Mpumalanga and the Gauteng Province.


We offer the following services:

Preparing Bills

Practice over the 3 years or more has developed collegially between Practitioners to use the services of legal cost consultants to deal with the work of drafting bill of costs for taxation or for their clients. The time consuming nature of drafting bill of costs has made it a necessity for a majority of legal firms to employ external services of costs consultants.

We offer the services of preparing accurate bills of costs and statements of accounts to legal firms around Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng Provinces.

We can collect the files from any of the three provinces mentioned but we do charge a courier fee for arranging the collection. For firms who are at Polokwane and surrounding towns the collection of files is free.

We make sure that clients’ files are kept safe at all times. We also ensure that the contents of the files remain confidential.

We charge a fixed rate of 11% for drawing bills of costs. This rate is in accordance with the Magistrate and High court rules.

Opposing Bills

It is a reality that not all cases are won and in such instances the unsuccessful party will most likely be faced with a legal bill of cost aimed at indemnifying the successful party for costs incurred in litigation.

Of course the unsuccessful party has the right to scrutinize and object to any charge appearing in such a bill of cost. As opposing a bill of cost can be even more complicated in law than presenting a bill of cost, the services we provide in this regard is just as valuable to the unsuccessful party for the attainment of justice.

As mentioned earlier, legal costs is a specialized field of law, it has its own case laws which serve as a guide in opposing and presenting taxations. Getting the right person to oppose a taxation on your behalf can save your clients a lot of money.

We charge a fee of 10% of what was taxed off on a bill of costs, in other words 10% of whatever money was reduced from the bill of costs.

Attending Taxation

The task of attending taxation is reserved for legal practitioners with the Right of Appearance in the high and lower courts. Our Mr. Mashola attends almost all taxations for the company on behalf of our clients, he has right of appearance to appear in all courts in South Africa.

With the laws pertaining to taxation being tremendously complicated due to its specialized nature, most attorneys prefer to contract experts to assist them and often employ the services of legal cost practitioners to handle the tedious and time consuming task of preparing for and attending taxation.

Our fees for attending taxations is as follows:

- 11% of the first R10 000.00

- 6% of the second R10 000.00

- 3% of the balance

This is in accordance with the high court and magistrate court rules.


This is a list of all our satisfied clients:

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